Birthstones for June, Pearl and Moonstone

Image of a white pearl in a shell on a white background.

June has got two lovely birthstones - Pearl and Moonstone

Starting with pearl. Pearls are created when an oyster covers a foreign body with layers of nacre. The majority of pearls these days are cultivated (cultured). Which means it’s still natural but produced by a mollusc after the intentional introduction of a foreign body inside the shell, and also means we can get them in many shapes, sizes and colours,

What's so good about them? Well apart from the gorgeous lustre on their surface, they’re one of the most highly prized gems of them all. They are described in the Koran as one of the greatest treasures provided in Paradise, and it is said that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony.

They are associated with love (and are said to boost sexual energy and raise sensuality), and so the Ancient Greeks used them at weddings, and they’re still really popular as wedding jewellery today. They are also said to contain properties associated with purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity and fertility. They are believed by some to grant foresight from risky commercial transactions, so if you’re not quite sure, consult your pearl necklace!

They’re renowned for their medicinal properties, and pearls of inferior quality which cannot be used in jewellery are ground into a fine powder and used to make pharmaceutical calcium. You learn something new every day! They are said to neutralise poison, lower acidity, and be beneficial for heart and lungs, kidneys, urinary system and liver.

The beautiful moonstone. owes its name to its shimmer which bears resemblance in colour to the moon (apparently!) In fact, that iridescence is caused by the intergrowth of two different types of feldspar (rock-forming minerals) with different refractive indexes (geek alert!)

Of course, they didn’t know that thousands of years ago, so it was thought of as a mysterious and therefore magical stone. The Romans thought that it was formed out of moonlight. In Arabian cultures women would sew moonstones out of sight into their garments, as it signified fertility. It’s said to also arouse tender passion and feelings (in conjunction with a pearl, you’re onto a winner!)

Moonstone is said to balance yin and yang as well as bringing good fortune. It’s also believed to foster happiness, strengthen emotions and intuition, aid communication, promote clear thinking, and the capacity to understand.  Moonstone is also thought of as a protective stone for women and babies.

In terms of medical properties, it’s believed to help align vertebrae (how did they discover that?), be a good digestive aid, and it’s generally good to help soothe and balance emotions.

So there you have it. June birthday girls and women, you’ve got a couple of good ones there!

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