Gemstones of Love for Valentine’s Day

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Gemstones of Love for Valentine’s Day Garnet, moonstone and rose quartz are definitely a girl’s best friend when it comes to jewellery (and a Valentine’s gift)

This blog is directed towards those men that are beginning to get in a bit of a panic – the Christmas cards have long been replaced by the bright red hearts of Valentine’s Day, and you know that it’s only a matter of days before you have to surprise your other half with something special.

Now, I’m going to give you all a bit of a tip – you don’t have to resort to flowers and chocolate; I’ll teach you how to get brownie points by picking a gift that has meaning behind it, and looks like you’ve been researching for hours.

Imagine the scenario – you give your beloved a piece of jewellery made just for her – you’ve chosen the stones because of their romantic significance, and you can tell her all about what they mean. If that was me, I think I’d fall off the chair I would be so impressed! (and even better, it won’t cost you thousands).

So, gentlemen, here’s your whistlestop tour of gemstones that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, take note!

Garnet – you can read January’s blog post for an in-depth look into the properties of garnet, but in a nutshell, red garnet represents love, loyalty, devotion and trust. Having it near you will inspire faithfulness, monogamy and commitment. But it’ll also get the fires going, with its links to sexual and sensual energy, one spicy Valentine’s night in store!

Moonstone – is the stone of love, eroticism and also fertility, and is associated with the goddess of the moon, Diana. If you give your lover a piece of jewellery with moonstone in it at the time of a full moon, then you will always be passionate with each other. Plus it can help to reunite lovers who have quarrelled (so perfect if you’ve been in the doghouse for not doing the washing up…)

Rose quartz – the stone of unconditional love. The stone that represents the love in a marriage (use it to propose?). It has a calming influence and makes things right when it comes to matters of love, so you’ll feel more at peace with your love if you wear this gemstone. It’s a stone which makes you feel and look younger, and will do the same for your relationship.

Lapis Lazuli – the Romans believed that lapis lazuli was a powerful aphrodisiac. It is associated with spiritual love, and known for enhancing love and fidelity within a marriage. It’s also the stone of royalty, so how better to tell her that she’s like a princess to you?!

Sapphire – traditionally blue, but sapphires come in a range of colours from colourless and black, pink and purple, orange, yellow and green. Pink sapphires are most associated with love, they are believed to stimulate emotions and encourage love. It helps with release from the past and acceptance, and also strengthens the heart.

So, there you have it. Plenty of choice and information at your fingertips to make this year’s Valentine’s present a lot more interesting.

I’ve got some ready-made items in my stock, some of which have been posted online if you want to have a browse, but if you want to go the whole hog, I can make something which is individual to you, so perhaps a combination of one or all of the gemstones above (kind of an insurance if you’ve got more than one gemstone in there, right?!)

Do get in contact soon, and hopefully, I’ll give you a present to remember!

Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Earrings