Give Her Jewellery for Mother’s Day!

Mexican fire agate necklace, Kathryn Cooper Jewellery


Jewellery for Mother's Day - it's what we want!

 “Your mother – the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

Mother’s Day is the day where children say thank you for everything their mum has done for them (although really, you shouldn’t just wait for Mother’s Day to say thank you to your mum, she’s awesome, tell her that every day!)

The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to ancient Greece in honour of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. In the 17th century, we celebrated Mothering Sunday on the 4th Sunday of Lent to honour mothers. On this day, servants were given the day off and encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers. A special cake called the mothering cake, was often taken home together with a posy of flowers. Now, Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 100 countries (albeit on different days of the year).

As Mother’s Day is soon upon us, you may be wondering what you can possibly buy for your mum to truly represent your gratitude for the sacrifices she’s made for you, and to show her how much you love her. Well, a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates just doesn’t cut it on this occasion, how about something that lasts a lifetime, and is personal to your mum?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, a piece of bespoke jewellery really would hit the mark! Something you’ve created yourself with your mum in mind. I can’t imagine a single mum that wouldn’t be thrilled with that. So, if you’re thinking about designing a bracelet or necklace, or are looking for a ready-made piece which best tells her you love her, I’ve selected a few gemstones below which I feel best represent motherly love: Rose quartz – a gentle and loving stone. Turquoise – for keeping me safe and protecting me from any harm. Moonstone – for encouraging me to believe in myself and my own judgement. Coral – for the essence of life you gave me, and for teaching me how to live it. Ruby – symbolising the divine love you have for me, and for helping me to see the true nature of love.

Hopefully, that’s some good ideas to help you choose that special piece of jewellery for Mother’s Day (now I’ve convinced you that it’s a good idea, and face it, you were looking for something that wasn’t flowers and chocolate, right?) If you’d like any advice or want to discuss some thoughts with me, then you can get in contact with me here; I’m more than happy to help you create the perfect present.

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