Opal and Tourmaline – October's birthstones

Tourmaline - October's birthstone

Tourmaline - October's birthstone

Opal and Tourmaline - October's birthstones

Those born this month are lucky to have two birthstones, opal and tourmaline.

Opal, as the name suggests inspires hope. It’s known as the eye stone, possibly because it is so pleasing to the eye, its beautiful rainbow colours reflecting in the light. But not all opal has the rainbow coloured “flash of colour”, the common opal is quite opaque and milky, but still a beautiful gemstone.

It’s considered a stone of protection, and believed to deflect negative thoughts and energies. It is used to bring on a sense of calm, ease stress and depression. But it goes further than that, it’s thought to be a seductive stone, associated with love, passion and desire. You won’t be surprised to hear that it is used to aid conception, and once that goal is complete, is a great aid to pregnant women worried about their pregnancy or childbirth, it is believed to help alleviate fears associated with that, and once the baby arrives too. For that reason, it’s a great present for expectant or new mothers.

When it comes to the body, opal is associated with the eyes but also with hair, skin and nails. Healers believe that it helps to alleviate water retention and to get rid of infections, purify the blood and reduce fever. It is also thought to help with any issues to do with pregnancy and childbirth, unsurprisingly, and also ease pains associated with PMS or menopause.

Tourmaline too, is a protection stone, ancient magicians used it to protect against demons. It’s quite similar too in that it dispels negative energy and turns them into positive vibes.

Tourmaline occurs in almost any colour. Multi-coloured specimens are common, and some resemble watermelons with two to five colours, a pink centre surrounded by green being the most sought after.

Tourmaline is also used in electrical circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies.  This is because it is so durable.

It basically seems like a stone to absorb a load of rubbish, fears, people that cause you problems, pollutants, etc. and makes it all better. Sounds amazing!  But not only that, it clears the head to focus on positive thinking and action, to give you direction.

Because of the getting rid of rubbish bit, it’s often used to help with diseases associated with bowels (literally getting rid of the bad stuff!) and colon.

It’s also linked to the reflex points of the lower back, legs, ankles and feet and used to provide pain relief for torn muscles, arthritis and numbness.

So I would say that if you were born in October, you’ve pretty much got a lot of bases covered with these two stones, and combining the two together in a piece of jewellery will look just wonderful.

Please take a look at what I’ve got available currently in my shop, and if you do want something designed that contains both stones, then please do get in contact.

Also just a reminder that it’s getting ever closer to Christmas too, so don’t leave it too long if you would like something designed, I don’t want you to be disappointed!