Peridot – August’s Birthstone


Peridot – August’s Birthstone Peridot gemstones were historically called Olivine (and sometimes poor man’s emerald) because of its beautiful lime green colour. Dependent on the level of iron, the colour can actually range from light yellow green through to darker olive green.

As well as being August’s birthstone (and the 16th anniversary stone), it’s primarily known as a stone of prosperity and happiness.

Because of its association with happiness, it’s a perfect stone to help against depression, as it’s believed to counter any negative emotions. It is thought to help with the release of any emotional baggage, getting rid of any guilt and obsessions, bringing inner peace and restoring the balance. It is also believed to soothe nervousness, heal emotional and physical pain and lighten suffering.

Its calming influence also means that it can be beneficial for anyone that has an anger problem, it is said to help dissolve tensions, again, bringing balance. And is also believed to alleviate jealousy, resentment and spite.

Once all the negativity has been got rid of, then it’s time to move forward. It’s great at boosting confidence and self-esteem, stimulating energies, promoting vitality, invigorating and restoring allowing the wearer to enjoy life, love, and the universe.

It’s basically the biggest pick-me-upper you could imagine!

Peridot is a spiritual stone, which is believed to help you to open your mind to a new level of awareness and understand what your destiny and purpose is. (I’d love it to tell me what my destiny is!)

Interestingly, Peridot is good for treating phobias; it’s like your own little nightlight, as it particularly helps those with fears of the dark.

The colour of a gemstone is directly related to parts of the body that it can be of aid to. Because of its yellowish green colour, PPridot is said to cure diseases of the liver and aids digestion. It helps problems with the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder, and the stomach. Peridot is also thought to heal such illnesses as ulcers, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also useful in helping to heal insect bites.

Peridot is like a healing tonic – it is said to regenerate tissue, strengthen the metabolism and benefit the skin, and aid the heart, lungs, and spleen.

Some believe that if placed on the abdomen, it aids labour by strengthening the muscle contractions while lessening the pain (fabulous baby shower present!). Peridot is also helpful in treating skin diseases and difficulties associated with the adrenal glands. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also used to treat fevers.

So, if you are feeling a bit blue, then go green! It’s a really positive stone that really just makes things feel a lot better. And that counts for a lot. Visit my shop to see what designs I currently have on offer, and as always, if you’d like something individually designed, then I can make that too. I have some lovely Peridot in my collection which may not be on the website so please get in touch at for bespoke orders.


Peridot and silver necklace2.jpg

Peridot and silver necklace2.jpg