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Jewellery Parties and

Private Events


Jewellery parties and private corporate events If you love the idea of browsing through lots of lovely sparkly jewellery in the comfort of your own home with friends over a glass or two, or at the office with colleagues, then I can bring my Aladdin’s Cave to you. Although not exotic display features like the legs above which were provided by my hostess!

It’s fun to get together and shop, and try on jewellery (except earrings for pierced ears for hygiene reasons). In addition, if you and your guests want to bring along any broken or ill-fitting jewellery, then I can either fix them on the spot, or advise on how it can be restored or revamped.

My role is to offer help and advice should it be required – there is no hard selling involved and no obligation to buy.

How it works

If you’d like to book an event, all I’ll need from you is an average size dining table or worktop space, and I’ll do the rest. On the day, any jewellery sold at the party can be taken away there and then. For bespoke orders and repairs a deposit will be required.

As a thank you for hosting the event you will receive commission in either cash or free jewellery (that includes any bespoke orders or repairs). Please contact me for details on commission rates etc. at jewellery@kathryncooper.co.uk

If your event is in aid of charity, I will donate a piece of jewellery at the event as a raffle prize and all proceeds will also be donated to the chosen charity – I can also bring the raffle tickets. Likewise, as the host, if you wish your commission payment to go to a registered charity then I will write the cheque made payable direct to your chosen charity.


"Kathryn brought a really enticing selection of her jewellery into the office for a private pre-Christmas sale to staff. She kindly donated 10% of all money made to our chosen charity, the LATA Foundation, and even threw in a gift for a prize draw, meaning that even those not purchasing jewellery could still make a contribution to an excellent cause. Staff got the chance to acquire some unique items, whittle down their Xmas gift list and support a number of inspirational projects in Latin America, all without leaving the office!  Sarah Bradley, Managing Director, Journey Latin America."