Jewellery Re-cycling and Re-purposing

Recycled Turquoise and Pyrite Necklace.

Recycled Turquoise and Pyrite Necklace.

Many clients have presented me with bits of broken jewellery they have kept hold of and asked, “What can you do with that?” I do enjoy a challenge! I have put life back into their old pieces and created sets of matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces from old or broken pieces of jewellery.

Picture: Turquoise and pyrite necklace made from one of my Gran’s old broken clip-on earrings. I used the earring as a pendant and strung Turquoise and Pyrite beads around it to create this pretty and eye catching necklace.

Don't throw your broken jewellery away, if it was something you love then perhaps I can bring it back to life for you. Restore, Recycle, Revamp! Get it touch if you are interested in using this service. 

Client testimonial: 
 “I inherited an art deco necklace from my Grandma, which I was really fond of because I know how much she’d loved it when she was alive. It broke years ago and had just been sitting in a drawer.

I came across Kathryn and showed her the piece. She assured me that, despite pieces being missing, she could mend it. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have it to wear for the first time ever. It is beautiful, first class job.

There was a stone leftover and Kathryn suggested making that into a girl's necklace and so she did and I gave it to my daughter for her first communion, a present with special significance.

Thanks Kathryn, we are both so pleased! You couldn’t have been more helpful and you really listened to what I wanted.” Sarah Johnson, Kent, UK.